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Postless Distraction System

Postless Distraction System

A Better Way to Perform Hip Arthroscopy
Introducing a Postless Distraction System

Dr. Wuerz is the first surgeon in Massachusetts to utilize a Postless Distraction System, a new surgical table for hip arthroscopy. Traditional tables have a post positioned between the patient’s legs. The pressure from this post has been associated with complications in the groin area, which can last several weeks, months, or in rare cases be permanent. Instead of using a post, this new table positions the patient on their back with the table slightly tilted and their feet over their head. This creates a gravitational pull from the patient’s upper body to open up the hip joint rather than using a post between the legs.

Benefits include:

  • Lower risk of groin complications traditionally associated with hip arthroscopy
  • Better positioning for surgery:
    • More blood flows toward the patient’s brain, reducing the risk of anesthesia-related complications
    • Blood flows away from the hip, allowing for better operating conditions with less blood loss